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Do You Feel Like This When It Comes to Creating Content For Your Site?


Get Killer Copy On Your Website Without All The Guesswork And Frustration

Feeling frustrated about creating content for your site?

Maybe you hate writing, or maybe there’s simply no time when you’re focused on too many other things (like actually running your business).

It’s not your fault.

Let’s face it. You didn’t set out to work in publishing did you? And like most people, writing simply isn’t your best skill.

So if you’re struggling with content, I have the solution for you. Tailor-made content solutions that works for any small business no matter what size, or what niche you’re in.

So Why Does it Matter?

Well unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, or have been living in Siberia for the last few years, you probably would have heard about the importance of good SEO copywriting.

But did you know that good content can deliver much stronger results than good website design?

In fact, a good piece of copy can deliver results almost instantaneously. This means more visitors and leads for your business in less than a week.

And yet so few businesses invest in professionally-written copy. And design studios rarely include it in their services.

But you’re smarter than them right? (otherwise you wouldn’t be here)

I’m a certified direct response copywriter and content writer who specializes in small business marketing, SEO copywriting, B2B copywriting and corporate writing. I did my training with American Writers and Artists Inc, training under some of the biggest names in direct response like Bob Bly and Joshua Boswell. And I’ve helped dozens of businesses including Intercontinental Hotels Group, Macy’s, and Lifehack improve the quality of their online content. For example:

  • Landing Pages – Landing pages are great for converting visitors into buying customers, plus the more landing pages you have, the more opportunities to be indexed by Google

  •  Blog Posts – Great blog posts don’t just drive traffic to your site in droves through Google, they get you shared on social media, and  drive more traffic to your landing page

  • E-Books and Reports -  As a longer and more thoughtful piece of content, an E-book positions you as a thought leader in your niche, and is a great way to get readers into the sales funnel

  • About Us Pages – This is the page that really tells your story and promotes your business and expertise making people more likely to want to work with you

  • Multimedia – can increase the time a person spends on your sales page by up to 100%  and visitors often judge the professionalism of a company by the visual appearance of a website

  • Keywords – For more qualified traffic, increased conversions, and better organic search performance, good keywords are a MUST

  • Auto Responders – A series of emails is great for building long term relationships, resulting in continuous marketing and repeat sales.

So here’s your chance to join the ranks of smart online marketers, who have incorporated great copywriting into their websites. Phone 0467 557573, take a look at my services and portfolio page, or contact me here, and lets see how you can get quality copy onto your site.




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